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Tourism in Rouen
Situated around 1.5 hours from Paris, Rouen is one of Normandy’s major cities.
Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay in Rouen and discover all the tourist riches in this museum city!
A rich historical past
Devastated by numerous bombings during the Second World War, and the scene of major industrial development, Rouen has conserved an authenticity and a charm which make it one of the most beautiful cities in France.
On the right bank of the Seine, you can find the relics of Rouen’s glorious past.
The left bank for its part is principally linked to industral development.
The city of Rouen was also one of the strongholds in the Hundred Years’ War.
It was at the Place du Vieux Marché that Joan of Arc was imprisoned and burned at the stake.
Numerous places to visit
Situated close to the city and historical centres, the Brit Hotel Le Relais des 2 Rivières allows you to visit the city at your own pace.
Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rouen, a sublime and unmissable architectural gem (it is the tallest cathedral in France).
Enjoy also the other tourist sites, such as the museum and birthplace of Pierre Corneille, the Madeleine church or the museum of ceramics.
Pass through the old town and admire its hundreds of timber-frame houses.
Leisure in Rouen
You are guaranteed not to get bored in Rouen!
Casino, swimming pool, tennis, go-karting, laser game...
You’re bound to find what you need to occupy your evenings and free time!